Pathfinder (Dragon Age Setting)

Arrival at Weisshaupt

In which the group learns some hard lessons about fertility and diminished shelf life

Jubei, Abel, and Zalifur run off, hoping to track down the fleeing mage. Last seen, the wizard was flying north under the protection of an invisibility spell. Some quick math and guesswork/spellcraft on Abel’s part gives them a range of roughly a mile that the wizard could have gone before needing to land. They head out a bit further, then begin tracing a circle until they pick up the trail. Sure enough, Jubei and Duke find prints and the occasional bit of blood. Further tracking reveals that the wizard likely summoned a mount, but the amount of blood on the ground suggests that the wizard was bleeding out by this point. After a couple hours, they find the wizard dead in a clearing.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group waits back at the sight of the ambush. Vitalek gathers up the dead (and one survivor) and performs a blood magic ritual to harvest their life energy and create blood crystals. This, combined with the earlier summoning, causes the veil to weaken even further.

Jubei et al. return from the hunt with a bit of bonus lucre. They engage in a spirited debate about Vitalek’s use of blood magic in an already-weakened area before packing up and getting the fuck out. Bodies are gathered and burned to reduce the chances of any undead/restless spirit nonsense.

After another week of travel, the group makes it to Weisshaupt. They are informed that the much more important items (Cousland’s armor and sword) have already arrived in the care of marginally more competent couriers. King Alister the Only Marginally Amusing had insisted that the ashes be transported by Liam, probably for some ridiculous human reasons.

The group learns that proper Greywardens are generally, you know, trained before being sent off to fight the good fight. The wardens offer to provide this training over the course of the next six months. The current wardens (Ros, Jubei, and Liam) agree to this new training.

In addition, some key facts about Greywarden life become clear. The group learns that wardens are sterile and rarely last more than ten or fifteen years before “the calling” lures them into the deep roads to die. Despite this, Vitalek and Grohm also express interest in joining and undergoing actual training.

The new wardens begin their exhausting training. Elias works part time for the wardens and part time for himself. Oscar gets a job as a clerk for entirely above-board reasons. Zalifur gets sporadic work as a caravan guard. Abel heads into the wild for most of the time, apparently visiting local Dalish tribes. He occasionally returns for brief periods of caravan work.

Six months pass.


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