Pathfinder (Dragon Age Setting)

Bones, Spiders, Ruins, and... a Mirror?

In which the group breaks an important internet rule

The group heads south, looking for some Elven ruins that Abelos heard rumors of. Along the way, Jubei gathers extra venison and other sundry victuals. After a couple weeks of travel, the group encounters a tribe of trolls. The leader offers to allow them to enter troll lands in exchange for the meat, the Drake skull, and a promise to slay “The Fickle God.”

Closer inspection reveals that The Fickle God is probably a manifest greed demon inhabiting the ruins of an ancient Dalish temple. The group journeys into the temple, stepping over the decades-old bones of countless elves. After a few magical traps and some swimming, the group encounters a room full of enormous spiders led by the manifest spirit. Spirited discussion ensues, ending with many dead spiders, a destroyed spider demon, and most of the group unconscious or clinging to consciousness.

As the session draws to a close, Abelos spots a broken mirror wrought of mithril and silverite in the corner…


alltair111 alltair111

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