Pathfinder (Dragon Age Setting)

Of Skulls and Diplomacy Through Other, Other Means

In which class abilities are used to avoid combat for once

Deciding that the trolls went back on their deal in some cases, and “yeah, sure, whatever… fuck those monsters” in others, the group decides to get the drake skull back. Rather than attacking the camp, Abel summons a few air elementals to air-lift the skull out of the village and distract the locals. This goes surprisingly well, and the group heads south.

Some time passes as the group travels through Nevarra, finally returning to Northwestern Ferelden. Vitalek successfully restores the mirror, although it will require much more powerful magic to activate it again. The mirror has three uses:

  1. Storing copies of minds
  2. Some unknown power
  3. Triangulating the position of something unknown

Much spirited debate is had over what to do with the mirror. Abel proposes giving it to a certain Dalish tribe for safekeeping, claiming that this tribe is uniquely suited to handling it. Vitalek wants to hold on to it, possibly burying it in the middle of the forest for later study.

Much of the group is eager to travel east to look into both some darkspawn attacks and to investigate the possible marauding wild mage/abomination they created. Between the requests for a rite of annulment on the mages of Ferelden and the possible upcoming exalted march, things are looking rather bad for mages. Some are suspicious of Orlais using all this as an excuse to weaken Ferelden for conquest.


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