Pathfinder (Dragon Age Setting)

Out of the/their Depths

In which several sessions pass, and also some people

The group heads with a section of the legion into the deep roads, looking for some “Greywarden Bullshit or whatever. Or is it Graywarden? Is there an actual difference, like one faction broke off and the E or A represents something? Eh, anyway, it’s a long slog. Mind the Nug shit.” They find a large Eluvian, a bunch of darkspawn, and a few Tavinter mages helping the latter with the former. Spirited debate ensues. Able slips in through the Eluvian to help, having previously had Something I’ve Gotta See To™.

The group procedes to self defense the darkspawn to death, and the Tavinters fuck off through the mirror. The group sees to the unconcious Legionaires, who had been knocked unconscious by some sort of mind-blast trap. Fucking darkspawn.

Abel appears to be less than sober within half an hour. The group decides to check out the other side of the mirror, and finds a large hall with a large number of mirrors. The go through one with Chastened symbols on it, and they find themselves in a large, ornate temple. The wall is covered with a mural depicting a great elven army facing a darkness.

Some messing about later (ahem, Vitalek), and the great obelisk in the center of the room activates. A few undead guardians do as well. Some double-killing later and a large troll emerges from the ruins of the exploded obelisk. He introduces himself as Zul’Zamguul, a powerful TBA who was used as the glue in a “hey this sword is too artifacty, let’s seal it away” plan by some very long dead elves. He’d slowly consumed the weapon to sustain himself, and now he wants out. The group assents, and Abel enters into a blood pact. Hurray.

Abel picks up a small green marble of non-magical nature. Nothing comes of it.

Zumguul lets them out of the temple, although he us unable to leave himself. The group heads south, meeting up with Eri- er, Rosalyn’s tribe. After some hellos and information gathering, the group heads to Zumguul’s old cave. There, they encounter a small cadre of humans worshiping a giant (creature type, not size, or, I mean, not only size) abomination (non-subjective type, or subtype maybe?).

After pushing the above’s Cartesian Z-axises into the negatives, the group Claims Their Shit and moves on to Selese’s Garden, known by the local witch populace as “The Glade” or “The Place Where We Get Our Powers.” The group arrives there and finds a guardian spirit tending the glade. Just as the guardian spirit is about to spill the beans about Zumguul, the “totally normal” green marble explodes out of Abel’s hand, turning the spirit into a demon.


The group Does What Needs to Be Done, and then actually/sort of manages to reform the spirit through the use of blood magic, hero points, more blood magic, and some “calculated” risks. And blood magic. She kicks them out, but that’s totally fine.

The group dives into the central pool and emerges in the great hall of mirrors. They activate the appropriate Eluvian, and Zumguul is freed. Back at his lair, he tells their futures in a completely clear and helpful way:

Grohm- A tree rotted into the ground regrows, but it’s infected with an old disease.
Jubei- Two little kossith, roaming in the trees, P-L-A-Y-I-N-G. The hornless one stabs the horned one in the back.
Oscar- A phoenix is consumed by flames, and then a dark phoenix rises from the ashes. No word on the goblin queen.
Zalifur- A murder of crows is hunting for an exiled member. To murder, presumably.
Vitalek- A shanty town burns down.
Liam- White griffins, wings soaked in black oil, crash into the soil as a large stone keep crumbles.
Roselyn- A hand reaching out of the darkness towards her son.
Abel- Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.
Elias- Your improved golems are in another castle.

The group then heads back to Roselyn’s camp and makes things slightly awkward and tense.


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