Pathfinder (Dragon Age Setting)

Reflections, Deflections, and Collections

In which the group lightens their load and goes looking for trouble

After some debate, the group travels to the Dales to meet with a tribe Abel claims to know. Following a tense, awkward, and thoroughly embarrassing back and forth, the keeper of that tribe agrees to take possession of the mirror with the understanding that the group may or may not be able to resume custody, depending on how dangerous it turns out to be. Prior to this, there were more than a few cultural misunderstandings partially smoothed out by Qunari brashitude (it’s a word).

After that, the group heads back to Ferelden and follows up some leads on the darkspawn attacks. Apparently, several villagers were carried off during the attacks. The group travels northwest towards some riverside caves, and Jubei finds some tracks there, leading into some tunnels that connect to the deep roads.


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