The Anderfels is a human  nation in northern Thedas. It is located far northwest from the more familiar Ferelden, beyond Nevarra  and the Tevinter Imperium. The Anderfels is best known for being the birthplace of the Grey Wardensand the site of their headquarters, the Weisshaupt Fortress.

The Anderfels was originally the western part of the Tevinter Imperium, from which it separated after a rebellion c. -695Ancient  (500 TE). It was reconquered by Tevinter c. -415 Ancient (780 TE). Shortly after, the first Blight  began in -395 Ancient (800 TE) and Tevinter was heavily hit. After almost 100 years of bitter war with the darkspawn , the order of the Grey Wardens was founded at Weisshaupt Fortress approximately -305 Ancient (890 TE), and the Blight was slowly pushed back during the next century or so.
After the first Blight, Tevinter held on to the Anderfels for about 200 years, but abandoned it to protect central Tevinter when the second Blight  began in 1:5 Divine (1199 TE). The Anderfels was nearly destroyed by the Blight, but saved by Emperor Kordillus Drakon I , starting with the lifting of the siege of Weisshaupt  in 1:33 Divine, and joined to the Orlesian Empire  as well as converted to the Chantry of Andraste . After the death of Kordillus Drakon I, his successor could not hold the empire together and the Anderfels broke free again c. 1:65 Divine. The second Blight was ended in 1:95 Divine.
The third Blight  from 3:10 Towers to 3:25 Towers mostly maimed areas to south and east of the Anderfels, starting in Tevinter and Orlais and being ended in the Free Marches . The Anderfels got off relatively easily. This didn’t last, however. In 5:12 Exalted, fourth Blight  began and spread to the Anderfels, the darkspawn laying siege toHossberg , which was released by an army led by the Grey Warden hero Garahel  in 5:20 Exalted. The Blight was again decided elsewhere, this time in eastern Antiva  in 5:24 Exalted.

Culture and society
The people of the Anderfels are known as Anders and they were the first non-dwarven people to fight thedarkspawn .
It houses the headquarters of the Grey Wardens , Weisshaupt Fortress. According to Riordan , the king of the Anderfels is weak and the people refer to the Grey Wardens for leadership. He also states that there are over a thousand Wardens present in the Anderfels. The Anderfels is the last place where the Grey Wardens have retained their importance over the centuries. They hold political power equal to the various barons, a power they have recently taken greater advantage of.
The darkspawn are a constant menace that can appear almost anywhere at anytime, and as a result the population lives in constant fear and vigilance. They are the hardened warriors who fight grimly against an enemy that they cannot defeat: the rest of Thedas is remote enough that their plight is easily ignored. The Anders are a poor people who live in a devastated land of vast, stark steppes, though their proud culture remains, and they are likely the most pious followers of the Chantry  in Thedas, praying for a day when they are released from the clutches of the Blight.

Geographically, the Anderfels consists mostly of steppes, largely deserted after weathering several Blights . The capital is Hossberg, located northwest from Weisshaupt.
・ Hossberg  - Capital
・ Kassel
・ Nordbotten
・ Weisshaupt
・ The Blightlands
・ The Lattenfluss
・ The Merdaine

The Weisshaupt Fortress located in the Anderfels  is the headquarters of the Grey Wardens . It was here that the order was founded in 890 TE during the First Blight . The fortress is run by the First Warden, who is head of all Grey Wardens.
The architecture of Weisshaupt Fortress is quite akin to the fortress of Ostagar , which suggests that Weisshaupt might be Tevinter  in origin.
Weisshaupt features a mausoleum built to honour the slayers of the Archdemons  and the Grey Warden treasury. Although they now seem to be extinct, it still includes quarters reserved for keeping griffons.


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