Crafting Mundane Items

Craft Skill Simplification

Damien brought to my attention that there are way to many Craft Skills (Arms, Armor and Blacksmithing being separate skills). I’ve consolidated them down into 10 (Same number as the various Knowledges) to make them more worth wild. Basically if it makes sense and you can justify it being in a craft skill it works.

Here is a list of the 10 basic craft skills and some examples. (There is probably some things I left out).

Alchemy- Acid, Alchemist’s Fire, smokestick, tindertwig, Antitoxin, sunrod, tanglefoot bag, thunderstone, black powder and inks. Basically stuff on this page.

Blacksmithing- Metalworking (chains, pots, bells, horseshoes, manacles, metal statues, nails and all other things metal), Weapons, Shields and Armor that are made from metal.

Woodworking- Wooden Objects including Ships, carts, wagons, houses, whittling, furniture, coffins, doors, casks, barrels, wooden statues.

Masonry- Things made from stone, Stone Sculptures/statues, brick.

Trinkets- Pottery, baskets, books, locks/keys, simple clockwork, pens, pencils, quivers, backpacks, pouches, map/scroll cases, goggles and other Glass Objects. (If you have Knowledge Engineering All Clockwork)

Traps- Traps…

Art- Drawing, Tapestry, Clay Sculptures/statues, Paintings, Calligraphy, Songs, Poetry, Literature (A Knowledge is needed to write a scholarly document).

Boyer- Bows, Arrows, javelins.

Jewelry- Rings, necklaces, tiara, circlets, bracelets/anklets, earrings, jeweled objects, and jewel cutting.

Tailoring- Making cloth, All clothes and armor made from leather or cloth, quivers, backpacks, pouches, map/scroll cases, rope, Tanning, and whips.

Creating an Item
1. Determine the complexity of the item to be made. As always, the DM’s input here may be decisive.
2. Pay one-third of the item’s cost, including masterwork and unusual materials increases, in order to acquire necessary raw materials.
3. Make a Craft check DC 10 plus modifiers. If successful, the item is completed in the item’s time unit. If you fail this check by more than 5 the materials are ruined. Otherwise the time is just wasted.

Complexity Time Modifier
Very Simple 8 Hours +0
Simple 2 Days +2
Moderate 4 Days +4
Complex 1 Week +8
Very Complex 2 Weeks +10

Very Simple: These items are more or less all one piece or one material of simple shape with no moving parts.
Examples: crowbar, quarterstaff.

Simple: A simple item is largely made of one material, but it requires a more specialized shape.
Examples: many simple weapons, backpack, most common articles of clothing, simple traps such as pits.

Moderate: Moderate complexity items are characterized by diverse materials or different parts that must be integrated into a whole.
Examples: Most martial and exotic weapons, bows, all shields, locks, simple traps using simple mechanical triggers, acid.

Complex: Complex items have diverse materials, moving parts, different parts, and/or decorative bits.
Examples: Most types of armor, strength bows, crossbows, alchemist’s fire, smokesticks, tingertwigs.

Very Complex: These are the most complicated items. They require diverse materials, moving parts, different parts, decorated bits, and/or multiple functions or uses. Examples: unusual armors (such as barding), antitoxins, tanglefoot bags, sunrods, thunderstones.

Masterwork Items
A masterwork item has a 100% increase in time unit (in addition to the normal increase in cost).
For example, a longsword is a moderately complex item with a time unit of 4 days. Thus, a masterwork longsword has a time unit of 8 days.
Furthermore, any masterwork item has its Craft DC increased by +6. Thus, the masterwork longsword faces a DC 20 Craft check.

Special Materials
A craftsman working with an unusual material (such as adamantine) faces a 50% increase in time unit, which stacks with the 100% increase in time unit associated with masterwork items when applicable.

Exceptional Roles and Reducing Crafting Time
For every 5 points greater than the item’s DC is the Craft check, halve the item’s time unit, but no time unit can be halved this way more than twice. This time reduction does not apply to masterwork items.

In addition to an exceptional Craft check reducing the time unit, the crafter’s skill alone can shorten the task. For every 5 ranks a crafter has in the relevant Craft skill, halve the item’s time unit, but no time unit can be halved this way more than twice.

Special Material Modifiers
Adamantine +6
Cold Iron +2
Darkwood +2
Dragonhide/Bone +6
Iron Bark +6
Mithral +4
Silver +2
Silverite +6

Crafting Mundane Items

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