Grey Warden Template

Grey Warden Template +0 CR
Prerequisite: Must Survive The Joining Ritual.

Detect Darkspawn: You may cast Detect Darkspawn at will.
Detect Darkspawn (Divination)
Type: Su
Range: Personal
Area: Emanation 20 x ½ class level feet in 360 degree circle.
Duration: Concentration + ¼ class level
Round 1: Presence or Absence
Round 2: Power of Aura
Round 3: Proximity to 5 feet.

Warden Immunities:
You are immune to Darkspawn taint and the venom of darkspawn creatures.

Know Your Enemy:
You receive a +1 Insight bonus to your saving throws against Darkspawn and tainted creatures.

You receive either a +1 Insight bonus on attack rolls or a +2 Insight bonus to overcome the Spell resistance of Darkspawn Creatures.

Grey Warden Template

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