Nevarra  is a nation in central Thedas, west of the Free Marches, south of the Tevinter Imperium and north-east ofOrlais. It was originally one of the larger Free Marches city states, but has aggressively expanded over the last two centuries to become a power to rival Orlais.

・ Most Nevarran leaders have been members of the frequently militarily-gifted Pentaghast clan, under whom alliances with other Free Marches states have been courted or coerced to form a powerful confederation under Pentaghast leadership.
・ A long war against Orlais over the mineral-rich Blasted Hills, a region between the two countries has fairly recently ended with a Nevarran victory. However, rebellion is fomenting in the conquered area due to the imposition of harsh taxes by the Nevarrans, as well as the support of Orlais.

Andoral’s Reach:
A city near the Blasted Hills, recently taken from the Orlesians.

A city on the Waking Sea, giving it access to trade with the rest of the Free Marches  and beyond. Over the last century, Cumberland has taken advantage of this to expand into one of the largest cities in Thedas. Cumberland is also where the College of Magi routinely convene.

Nevarra City:
The capital city of Nevarra is also called Nevarra, and is located in the middle of the nation.

A city near the Blasted Hills, recently taken from the Orlesians.

・ Minanter River
・ The Blasted Hills
・ The Silent Plains

The Pentaghast clan is famous for their dragonhunter heroes of the past; each of whom led a crusade to huntdragons  to extinction. They were almost successful at this. Granted, the dragons were a scourge for a very long time, but the Nevarrans hunted mostly for dragonbone  and glory.

In 3:25 Towers , the armies of Orlais  and the Tevinter Imperium  joined with the Grey Wardens to end the Third Blight . However, the victorious armies proceeded to occupy the territories they had liberated from thedarkspawn . Nevarra was taken by Orlais, and only regained independence in 3:65 Towers.

In 5:37 Exalted , Tylus, the first Van Markham king of Nevarra, is crowned after having claimed to be a descendant of Drakon’s son, killed in Cumberland. Being a hero of the recent Fourth Blight , Tylus is able to stir nationalistic feelings in the western Free Marches  against the growing power of Orlais. He proves his military might by winning several major battles against the Orlesians, establishing Nevarra as a new, growing power.

In 8:70 Blessed , a war between Nevarra and Orlais over the control of the western hills around Perendale results in Nevarran victory. However, Orlais proceeds to sow dissent and rebellion among the locals in Perendale, who resent Nevarran rule.

In 8:99 Blessed, dragons devastate the countrysides in Orlais and Nevarra, and all attempts to slay them end in disaster. As the Blessed Age draws to a close, they name the Dragon Age, saying that it will be an age of violence and upheaval.


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