Qunari Lands

Par Vollen

Par Vollen  is an island home of the Qunari. It is a tropical island chain, which is covered mostly by rainforest, and located far north of Ferelden beyond Rivain. A sentient race called the Fex has inhabited this island since before the Qunari arrived.

Elven lore holds that the humans  first arrived in Thedas from Par Vollen. They are thought to have arrived around 4,500 years after the founding of Arlathan, and nearly 2000 years before the official foundation of the Tevinter Imperium .

Par Vollen was occupied by the Qunari when they landed there 300 years ago. Almost immediately they went to war with the rest of Thedas. The Prima Special Collector’s Edition notes:
“Par Vollen has been assimilated to the point that it is now a peaceful Qunari nation with no resistance. The humans who once lived there were more primitive than elsewhere in Thedas, building pyramids in their jungle cities and generally being isolated from other cultures further south: therefore little hue and cry went up to free them from Qunari domination. Now they have been part of the Qunari culture and Qun philosophy for so long that they could not even imagine going back. For their part, the Qunari treat Par Vollen as their homeland. Contact with their original homeland was intermittent at best across the turbulent Northern Ocean before it finally ceased altogether two centuries ago. Several ships have been sent home to restore contact, but they have not returned. The Qunari are here to remain and have accepted this. While the pyramids of the original human society were impressive, the Qunari have topped that with the great domes and aqueducts of Qunandar, which is the only city of real importance on the island and easily a rival to the size of Cumberland.”

Peace was obtained 150 years later however, but tensions still remain high between the Qunari and the rest of Thedas. As a result, most people tend to fear and distrust any Qunari with whom they meet. The only known inhabitants of Par Vollen are the Qunari and the Fex. No outsiders are ever permitted to visit its shores.

Seheron  is an island nation directly north of the Tevinter Imperium. The capital is also called Seheron.

Seheron is the western Qunari  island. Sten  is apparently from Seheron, as he comments “I miss the smells of Seheron, tea and incense and the sea.” Fenris  may also be from the island, as he tells Hawke  that’s where he was told he is from.
One of the dialogue options with Sten, while in camp, leads to more details about enemies that attacked Seheron, presumably the Tevinters, who are known to be at war with the Qunari. While the Qunari have a firm grip on Par Vollen , their control of Seheron has been in dispute since they claimed Seheron from the Tevinter Imperium  sixty years ago. Dialogue with Fenris confirms that it is indeed the Tevinters that have been vying unsuccessfully for the island for the past sixty years.

Many elven slaves in Seheron have willingly converted to the Qun and now hold office within Qunari ranks and anti-Tevinter sentiment even among the humans runs high. Because the Tevinters never signed the Llomerryn Accords, the Qunari invasion continues in Seheron. Seheron is still “kabethari” to the Qunari, literally “those who need to be taught.”

As of the present day, the Qunari hold control of the island under heavy resistance from Tevinter and at least some of the native population. A rebel group called the Fog Warriors  exists that opposes both Qunari and Tevinter control of the island.

Qunari Lands

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