The Fifth Blight

The Fifth Blight occurred in 9:30, the Dragon Age, in the nation of Ferelden .
Hostilities began in southern Ferelden at the edge of the Korcari Wilds . The first major engagements of the war was at Ostagar  where the king, Cailan  himself had assembled an army to fight organised forces of darkspawn. It was not known at this time whether an Archdemon  was really at the heart of the hostilities, and the real threat was dismissed.

Ostagar proved to be a turning point in the war, when the king, the Grey Wardens and the army were betrayed and left to die by Loghain  during a major assault on the fortress. Loghain fled the battlefield, usurped the throne, refused entry at the border for the Orlesian Warden reinforcements and sparked the Fereldan Civil War. Ferelden was at the mercy of the darkspawn advance. 

Most other countries refused to send military aid worrying that if Fereldan was unable to stop the Blight they would be next.
Battle of Ostagar

The army of Fereldan assembled at Ostagar  under the command of King Cailan  in an attempt to stem the Blight before it truly took momentum. A plan was made in which the King’s army would draw the darkspawn horde in a skirmish and at a pre-arranged signal , Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir  would flank the horde. When the moment arrived for the plan to be put in motion, several things went awry. Most notable of these was the Teyrn’s retreat from the battlefield along with his contingent of troops that resulted in the destruction of the king’s army including the king himself. With the exception of two Grey Wardens, all of Ferelden’s Grey Wardens including the Commander of the Grey were also slain at the Battle of Ostagar.

The Fifth Blight

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