Pathfinder (Dragon Age Setting)

The Two Extremes of Subterrainian Experience

In which the group avoids utter failure through violence and good manners

The group makes their way into the deep roads, following the darkspawn tracks. Zalifur gets himself poisoned with a rare toxin known as maeplairsnothir while disabling a trap, and the rest of the group has to deal with some goddamn darkspawn doing some goddamn darkspawn bullshit. In this case, that’s a combination of creating brood-mothers through the usual horrible means and some sort of blood magic ritual. Spirited exchanges of views and spell levels ensue, and the darkspawn emissary opens a tear in the veil and escapes to the fade.

The group finds some loot, and also some old dwarven documents about the Legion of the Dead. Apparently, the Legion was once accorded nobel status. Eli and Vitalik suggest that this may be a “big deal.”

Everyone begins the week and a half journey back to civilization, intending to inform the chantry there’s a tear they need to deal with. During the journey, the sky lights up with a strange, powerful spell effect from up north. By the time the group reaches “civilization,” the templar have mostly cleared out. The strange light in the sky was the result of a spell blowing up part of Kirkwall, and the chantry has mobilized and headed there in the hopes of making the situation worse.

The group decides “fuck it, we’ll deal with it later” and heads to Orzammar to turn in the documents, ideally in exchange for some creative gratitude. A tense, but surprisingly non-embarrassing meeting with King Harrowmont later, the group has a bit of gratitude that they cash in. After abusing dwarven hospitality for a week or two, the group gets a meeting with the commander of the Legion of the Dead. The legion is interested in their help clearing out a taige with some strange wards on it, and the group agrees.


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