New Feats

Blood Magic
Prerequisites: Caster Level of at least 1

You can raise a Spells Save DC or the Caster Level of a spell by up to your primary spell casting attribute’s modifier by taking damage equal to half the increase rounded up.

Alternatively, you may inflict damage on yourself to apply a metamagic feat you know to a spell or spell-like ability. Damage is equal to the new level required by the metamagic feat.

All damage inflicted while casting blood magic must be healed naturally and bypasses Damage Reduction.

Improved Blood Magic
Prerequisites: Blood Magic

You are now able to use the blood of others as well as your own for blood magic rituals. All items, sigils, or components created with blood magic show up under detect evil.

Ritual of the Arcane Scar-
You can carve an Arcane Sigil into someone’s body that works as a potion. The recipient takes 1 HP of permanent damage per level of the spell that can not be healed and may sustain a number of sigil levels equal to their HD at one time. The damage stays until after the target has no sigils left on their body and may only heal naturally.
Activation: An Arcane Scar produces its effect when touched by its wearer and willed to do so. This activity, called “tapping” the scar, is a swift action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. An Arcane Scar fades away after use.
The following rules govern the use of Arcane Scar.
A creature must have an appropriate physical surface on which to carve the sigil (thus, incorporeal creatures or creatures with impermanent flesh, such as fire elementals, cannot use Arcane Scars).
A character can trigger the effects of another’s Arcane Scar if the wearer is unconscious. It is a standard action to find, touch, and concentrate on an unconscious creature’s scar in order to tap it.

Unnatural Apothecary-
You may turn the blood of others into potent magical components that you may store for later use.
Infusing Blood: You may draw energy from the blood of a helpless living or recently deceased (no more than 10 minutes) target and turn it into a potent spell component for scribing scrolls, brewing potions, or casting spells with a GP cost. The component is worth 200g per HD of a living target or 50g per HD of a dead target. The living target must remain relatively still for the one minute ritual. Using this on a living being is unbearably painful and always results in their death.

Sigil of the Magisters-
You carve the symbol of Dumat into your forearm and imbue it with magical energies.
While this sigil is carved into your flesh you gain the Eschew Materials Feat.
The Sigil takes one hour to carve and imbue, this sigil may be dispelled with dispel magic. If you are healed by magic and the caster is not aware of the sigil it is destroyed.

Greater Blood Magic
Prerequisites: Improved Blood Magic, Caster Level 12 or higher.
You have mastered the art of using your own blood to empower magic. Now it’s time to use the blood of others to do the same.
“With risk comes great power.”

You can now raise spells Save DC or Caster Level to 1.5 times your primary spells casting attribute by taking damage equal half the increase rounded up.

Unnatural Knowledge
You can also use blood crystals to enhance your spells at 100gp worth of blood crystal per HP

Sanguine Thief
Alternatively you can pull blood from the wounded to empower your spells. You can now use the blood of a willing or unwilling bleeding creature within 20ft +5ft per 2 caster levels of you. Unwilling targets get a Fort Save equal to the unmodified level of the spell being cast to resist this effect. Once a target successfully resists this effect it can no longer be targeted by the effect again for 24 hours.

Mark of the Magisters
The following marks can be carved on other and reduce the targets max HP by 5 each while on the target. The sigil heals naturally at 1 HP per day and needs to be re-carved every day. If you are healed by magic and the caster is not aware of the sigil it is destroyed and the damage heals at 1 HP per day.

Greater Mark of Dumat: All spells cast are considered Silent as per the Metamagic Feat.

Mark of Zazikel: Once per day you can freely change the elemental damage of a spell to Fire, Acid, Cold, or Electricity.

Mark of Toth: Once per day you may empower a spell that does fire damage without raising it’s level.

Mark of Andoral: Gain the Spell Focus Enchantment feat.

Mark of Urthemiel: Gain an +2 Unholy Bonus to Charisma or Constitution.

Mark of Razikale : Gain an +2 Unholy Bonus to Intelligence or Dexterity.

Mark of Lusacan: Gain an +2 Unholy Bonus to Wisdom or Strength.

A creature can only have 2 sigils on them at a time, not counting the regular sigil of Dumat.

Improved Spell Resistance
Prerequisites: Templar Spell Resistance Class Feature, Level 14

The templar receives a sacred bonus to spell resistance equal to their Wisdom Modifier.

Improved Dispelling Strike
Dispelling Strike

Your effective caster level for Dispelling Strike is equal to your character level instead of your Templar Level + 5.

Ranged Dispel
Dispelling Strike

You may make a dispelling strike with a ranged weapon.

Horns of the Arishok
Qunari, Must be taken at character creation

The Qunari has large horns, giving it a gore attack. This attack is a primary attack. The gore deals 1d6 points of damage plus your Strength Modifier.
When dealing with Qunari you get a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate checks made.
If you are a Tal’Vashoth you get a +5 circumstance bonus to Intimidate checks at the cost of the other bonuses.

If used as part of a full attack this attack becomes a Secondary Attack and is made at a -5 penalty plus half your Strength Modifier.

Caster Level 5

You can create weapon and armor runes.

Benefit: You can create a wide variety of magical weapon and armor runestones. Crafting a runestone takes 1 day for each 1,000 gp in its price. To create a runestone, you must use up lyrium costing half of its market price.

Attaching or removing a Runestone from weapons and armor takes 4 hours that does not interfere with your ability to craft magical equipment.

(Pathfinder You may use The Magic Item Compendium from D&D 3.5 to make Armor and Weapon Augment Crystals.)

Sword and Board Style
Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Shield Slam

You treat light and heavy shields as light weapons, and may apply your full strength bonus to damage when using a shield as an off-hand weapon.

New Feats

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